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Java Profiler JProbe to Resolve Performance Problems Faster
Sunday, October 03, 2010 (18:52:56)

Posted by jalex

Custom Java applications today are much larger and more complex than ever before. The sheer number of interdependencies in object-oriented, multi-threaded Java programs makes it difficult to ensure performance without assistance. Without a way to help identify and fix application performance problems in pre-production, the business is at risk of poorly performing code finding its way into production and creating adverse impact.

JProbe is an enterprise-class Java profiler providing intelligent diagnostics on memory usage, performance and test coverage, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint and repair the root cause of application code performance and stability problems that obstruct component and integration integrity.

JProbe also offers an Eclipse plug-in that provides intelligent code performance analysis and problem resolution directly within the Eclipse Java IDE.

JProbe Memory for proactively discovering, diagnosing and resolving memory allocation issues such as memory leaks (loitering objects) and excessive garbage collection activity (object cycling) that can lead to out-of-memory system crashes and slower overall system performance.

jprobe memoryJProbe Memory Analysis  shows you at a glance how much memory your Java application is using and which objects are in memory from moment to moment. Through runtime heap analysis, you can quickly determine whether your application has a memory leak or is straining the garbage collector by interacting with your application and profiling it in real time.

The JProbe Memory analysis tool enables you to:

  • Identify and resolve – memory allocation issues to ensure program efficiency and stability.
  • Identify the underlying root cause of memory leaks that can lead to instability and out-of-memory system crashes.
  • Identify the underlying root cause of excessive garbage collection activity that can lead to slower overall system performance.



JProbe Performance – for proactively discovering, diagnosing and resolving code bottlenecks such as expensive methods, deadlocks and stalled threads that can lead to slow application performance and limit scalability.

JProbe Coverage – for proactively assessing the completeness and accuracy of test runs in development and QA – enhances development and QA collaboration in creating more complete test suites.