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How is JavaSpaces technology different from databases?
Tuesday, July 08, 2003 (00:00:00)

Posted by jalex

Question: How is JavaSpaces technology different from a database?

Answer: JavaSpaces technology  provides a more loosely coupled repository of information than databases. The identity of a client or a server is no longer relevant; data packets are treated just like any other object posted to the space as an anonymous service. Databases require a tremendous amount of overhead in structured programming, screen design, type matching, and indexing to achieve their results. Clients post specific questions to the server, and receive a specific answer.

More importantly, JavaSpaces technology can host more than just data. A space can find, match and reference objects by both type and value, meaning they can store objects as information or behavior. This means any object-based program, device, or user profile can join a JavaSpace system. This capacity greatly enhances the ability to coordinate different functions and processes in a network environment.

Java Space technology is ready for usage product although it is still under development. One example of Java Space based product here:

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