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Java Lessons by Jon Huhtala: Update

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Java lessons (for beginners) are updated! We got a lot of suggestions how we can improve our site. One of them was to add contents pages to number of our publications. It makes navigation much easier. First step is the content page for Java Lessons by Jon Huhtala. Soon all the Java lessons will be updated also - we are going to add more navigation links to every Java lesson.

The contents page for the Java Lessons by Jon Huhtala

The Java Lesson 1

What is Java?

Java history

Benefits of Java

How Java works

Disadvantages of Java

Benefits of Java far out-weigh its disadvantages

Java programmers

What does it take to become a certified Java programmer?

The Java Lesson 2

Anatomy of a simple Java program
A sample Java program
Testing the sample program
Program analysis
Comments in Java
The program's class
Statement blocks
The main method
Writing to the system output device (the console)

The Java Lesson 3

Identifiers and primitive data types
Uses of identifiers
Rules for identifiers
Examples of valid identifiers
Programming conventions
Primitive data types
What about strings?
What is Unicode?
Integer data format
Floating-point (decimal) types
More information

The Java Lesson 4

Variables, constants, and literals
"Automatic" or "method local" variables
boolean literals
char literals
Integer literals
Floating-point literals
String literals

The Java Lesson 5

Arithmetic operations, conversions, and casts
Basic arithmetic operations
Addition, subtraction, and multiplication
Modulo (remainder)
Arithmetic assignment operations
Increment and decrement operations
Some thoughts on arithmetic expressions

The Java Lesson 6

Boolean expressions and operations
Boolean expressions
Comparison operators
Logical operators
A warning about comparing strings
Certain logical operators can be combined with assignment

The Java Lesson 7

Bitwise operations
Logical bitwise operations
The complement operator
Bitwise shift operations
Bitwise assignment operations
More practice

The Java Lesson 8

Flow control with if and else
The if statement
The else statement

The Java Lesson 9

The switch statement

The Java Lesson 10

The for statement
The while statement
The do-while statement

The Java Lesson 11

Using break and continue
The break statement
The continue statement

The Java Lesson 12

Class methods and how they are called
Calling a class method
A sample program
Looking ahead

The Java Lesson 13

Using the Math class
Using pre-written Java code
The Math class
Sample programs

The Java Lesson 14

Creating and calling custom class methods
Custom class methods
Creating and calling custom class methods
Custom class methods
Sample program

The Java Lesson 15

Overloading class methods
Overloaded class methods
Sample program

The Java Lesson 16

An introduction to objects and object references
An instantiable class
An object

The Java Lesson 17

The String class
Sample program

The Java Lesson 18

The StringBuffer class
The StringBuffer class
Sample program

The Java Lesson 19

Initializing and processing arrays of primitives
Java arrays
Sample program
Looking ahead

The Java Lesson 20

Initializing and processing arrays of objects
Object arrays
Sample program

The Java Lesson 21

The Java Lesson 22

The Java Lesson 23

Inheritance and overriding inherited methods
Extending a class
Overriding an inherited method

The Java Lesson 24

abstract classes and polymorphism
More information

The Java Lesson 25

Interfaces, instanceof, and object conversion and casting
The instanceof operator
Object conversion and casting

The Java Lesson 26

Introduction to graphical programming and the java.awt package
Graphical programming
Event-driven programs
The Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT)
Anatomy of a small windows program

The Java Lesson 27

The Component class
Controlling position and size
Controlling appearance
Controlling user access and component visibility
Rendering (drawing) the component

The Java Lesson 28

Containers and simple layout managers
The Container class
Layout managers
Satisfying complex GUI requirements

The Java Lesson 29

The Color and Font classes
The Color class
The Font class

The Java Lesson 30

rawing geometric shapes
Drawing overview
The Graphics class

The Java Lesson 31

Choice, List, and Checkbox controls
The Choice class
The List class
The Checkbox class

The Java Lesson 32

Using the Scrollbar graphical control
The Scrollbar class

The Java Lesson 33

Menus and submenus
The MenuComponent class
The MenuBar class
The Menu class
The MenuItem class
The CheckboxMenuItem class

The Java Lesson 34

An introduction to applets and the Applet class
The Applet class
The life cycle of a Web page applet
A sample applet

The Java Lesson 35

Essential HTML to launch an applet and pass it parameters
Web pages
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Launching an applet in an HTML document
A sample applet that receives a parameter
Posting a Web page that launches a custom applet

The Java Lesson 36

Mouse event processing
The MouseEvent class
The MouseListener interface
The MouseMotionListener interface
The MouseAdapter and the MouseMotionAdapter classes
A sample applet that uses mouse events

The Java Lesson 37

Menus and submenus
The MenuComponent class
The MenuBar class
The Menu class
The MenuItem class
The CheckboxMenuItem class

The Java Lesson 38

The WindowListener interface and the WindowAdapter class
The WindowListener interface
The WindowAdapter class

The Java Lesson 39

An introduction to GridBagLayout
The GridBagConstraints class
A sample applet that uses GridBagLayout
A sample windows program that uses GridBagLayout

The Java Lesson 40

An introduction to the Java Collections API (List, Set, and SortedSet)
The Java Collections API
The Collection interface
The Iterator interface
The ListIterator interface
The Set interface
The SortedSet interface
The List interface

The Java Lesson 41

Exception handling with try, catch, and finally blocks
The exception handling technique
Special considerations

The Java Lesson 42

Claiming and throwing exceptions
The throws keyword
The throw keyword
Overriding a method that throws an exception
Efficiency considerations

The Java Lesson 43

Multithreading, the Thread class, and the Runnable interface
The life of a thread
The Thread class
The Runnable interface

The Java Lesson 44

An introduction to I/O and the File and FileDialog classes
The File class
The FileDialog class

The Java Lesson 45

Low-level and high-level stream classes
The FileOutputStream class
The FileInputStream class
The DataOutputStream class
The DataInputStream class
The ObjectOutputStream class
The ObjectInputStream class

The Java Lesson 46

Using the RandomAccessFile class
The RandomAccessFile class
Limitations and solutions

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