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Solaris 10 & Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 Dual boot : How to?

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Bookmark and Share by Partha Goswami - Java User Group - Howrah

One of most frequent question from the readers is: "How to make dual boot system with Solaris 10 & Red Hat Linux ?"

For the readers instant reference I wrote this article. The article presents step-by-step procedures for loading the Solaris 10 OS on x86 platforms, and one Red Hat Enerprise 4.0 WS on the same platform. The system was Sun ultra 20 (on machines based on 64-bit AMD Opteron processors ) .

So, I start it:

1. Insert the Solaris 10 disc 1 into CD-Rom . The display screen will show " Running Configuration Assistant"

2. Then it will show the mode of installation . Choose "4 Text installer "

3. Then Enter .

4. Then " F2 " for continue.

Then F2 again for View and Edit Window System

Configuration place.

5. Set your time Zone, Network confutation, root password etc. as your requirement & choice .

6. During the Solaris OS installation, the Select Disks screen will appear. Select the c0d0 disk. Press the F4_Edit to go to the Disk

7. Choose the Manual partition option ,

8. The partition will be configured like this: suppose you have Sata hard disk 80 GB, You may need to delete all of the existing partitions if the disk has been previously used. Arrow down to the partition number and use F3 and F2 to delete the partition.

Customize fdisk Partitions for Disk: c0d0: F4_Create

fdisk Partition Size: Partition type: SOLARIS
Partition size (MB): 36864
Partition size (Cyl): 18725

9. Then the solaris 10 system being initialized.
10. After that, system will be reboot , then eject your media ( disc1) .
11. Then it will ask disk 2, disk 3 etc.
12. After installing all cds the system will reboot.

Congratulation! Solaris 10 install complete !

Now we will install Red Hat Linux 4.0 WS.

1. Insert the Red hat Linux disc.
2. Welcome screen will be appear.
3. Then click " Next " until Disk partion section will appear .
( You must be set language & others as your requirement )
4. Select " Manual Partition " Click over the " Free Space "
5. The partition will be,
/ ( Mount) : ex3 : 36000 GB ( Click over the " Force to be primary partition & Fixed Size" )
& click " Free Space " & "Edit" Make "swap " partition . it will be 2 *RAM. Then click "ok"

So partition will be

/dev/sda1 - Forgein ( Solaris )
/dev/sda2 - Linux

Try it with Intel System ! Good Luck ! Smile

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