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My Test tools are free and increase productivity of daily work by 50%! I work with Java applications that have user interface running in web browsers. All tools are just in one place and easily accessible...

Good, fast, nice looking JSP application: What do you need to write it?

First of all, you must know the Java and J2EE. Then probably you need good test environment and what most important for me - good tools to work in daily work. Last week I reviewed briefly three major IDEs for Java development.

My choice was and still is IntelliJ IDEA. IntelliJ IDEA is not free unfortunately Sad

Today I will describe free tools that I use in my daily work to test presentation part of my JSP applications. As you probably know, the JSP technology was designed to present information mostly in Web Browsers.

Your chief probably does not understand much in server side code (JSP) and will judge your work by how it looks.

Your Application CAN BE really BAD - not  documented, millions of exceptions that accompany every click in your application you professionally caught with empty catch code - no printouts, no logs, just nothing - but, BUT IT MUST LOOK EXCELLENT!!!

So, I use my free tools for that Smile They increases productivity and quality of my work dramatically!

How? Let's look!

Today exists tons of good tools for Java developer who works with technologies like JSP when information is sent to browsers. For example, Perl, PHP and ASP. The tools I will describe not are just for JSP applications but also for debugging of any Web based ones. As I mentioned, PHP, Perl and ASP.

Such applications usually represent information in HTML language with help of CSS, Java, JavaScript, sessions, cookies. It is actually art to generate an HTML page which will work and look the same through all the major browsers. Plus it should interactive, fast enough, have good layout and look almost the same under different resolutions on different OS with different depth of color palette.

Until recent days there were no tools that could help you easily test, debug all the stuff in just one application and also be free! Until Firefox came to the scene.

Flexible open architecture of Firefox lets easily write plugins where people can add own functions and small applications that will be run within of Firefox.

Look at short list of plugins I have in my browser. Full more detailed description will followlater

  • Google Toolbar for Firefox you know this number one, no needs to describe it.
    Enable/disable Java JavaScript in Firefox plugin, Firefox plugin screenshot
  • Quick Java - lets me fast to enable/disable Java/JavaScript directly from status bar.
    Enable/disable Java JavaScript in Firefox plugin, Firefox plugin screenshot
  • Web Developer toolbar with many tools in it.
    Many Web developer tools in one toolbar, Firefox plugin screenshot
  • IE tab - you have Internet Explore browser directly in Firefox, in a tab. Even more you get a button in status bar where can switch browsers on the fly on the same page. Extremely good for fast browsers compliance test.

    Tabs screenshot Internet Explorer in Firefox tab! and message in status bar:
                                                                                                                     Switch to Internet Explorer in Firefox fast by button in status bar, Firefox plugin screenshot
  • Crash Recovery - your bad design crashes sometime even browsers, not only Windows Smile Crash Recovery restarts browser and automatically restores all opened pages after a crash happened. You install it and forget, until a crash happens Smile
  • Add N Edit cookies - you already understand what it does.
  • Wow! Session saver - restores your browser and session in exactly same condition. Things you were typing, tabs, windows  - they all will be saved For me it was Number One when I worked with Tomcat sessions to store logging info across multiple servers
  • W3C CSS Validator - you see every page problems directly, without going to W3C validation page!
    CSS validator plugin in Firefox, Firefox plugin screenshot
  • HTML Validator - it is one more to that you get in Web Developer Toolbar. Uses Firefox internal validator Tidy, not W3C one.
    HTML validator plugin in Firefox, Firefox plugin screenshot

Detailed descriptions with detailed descriptions of listed plugins I will give in my next article. Also I will give you a list of those which I do not use daily but still think are a must for you, who develops JSPs, servlets, web services, web based applications with other technologies like PHP, ASP, Perl, etc....

To be continued...


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