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Find out in one minute why you can not wirite unicode characters to my file!

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Question: I am trying to redirect output of System.out.println command to a file.

Generally it works well, excluding cases when I use unicode characters. When I do printout on a console I see them but in a file I see single '?' characters Sad

Answer: Probably you use PrintStream.

It uses the platform's default character encoding and converts characters to bytes. This works if you do:


System.out.println("Trying to test println");

But if you do:

System.out.println("Trying to test println\u4321");

you will get that '?' instead of unicode

'\u4321' character. The solution is to use PrintWriter on top of StringWriter. PrintWriter operates with characters, not bytes. StringWriter accumulates those characters:


StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(sw);

// write our output (to the StringWriter)
pw.println("Trying to test println\u4321");

// retrieve a string containing our output
String outpStr = sw.toString();

// display it

// output the string to a file, using
// the UTF-8 encoding

FileOutputStream fos =
   new FileOutputStream("out.txt");
OutputStreamWriter outpStrWr =
   new OutputStreamWriter(fos, "UTF-8");
BufferedWriter buffWriter =
   new BufferedWriter(outpStrWr);

In our example characters are written into the file using UTF-8 encoding and will not be "narrowed" to ASCII characters!




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