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JProbe Java Profiler Overview.

Recently you probably read the overview of Heap Analysis Tool. On our site you can find even more profiling and debugging tools here. Today we are going to describe JProbe Profiler.

Production support and development teams spend countless hours isolating the root cause of performance and Java memory issues which creates missed deadlines, over-spent budgets and poor end-user experiences. Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Standard Edition (SE) applications are considered extremely flexible but diagnosing and fixing performance and stability problems is often too complex.

Even minor memory leaks can grow to major problems in deployed systems. Memory leaks can arise in Java applications due to unintentional object references. For example, an application may fail to remove callback listeners or close streams, preventing these objects from being garbage collected.

JProbe: Features and benefits.

JProbe Profiler combines a visual Call Graph interface and sophisticated data collection technology to provide precise performance diagnostics. Using method and line-level analysis, you can locate method hotspots and drill down to measure performance, line-by-line. Profiler measures elapsed and CPU time to help you track the end user experience and locate computational bottlenecks.

Advanced filtering and triggers enable you to target key areas of code for investigation. As you use Profiler, you will generate snapshots of actual performance. When testing different fixes, use Snapshot Differencing to see the impact of your code changes on performance. Profiler allows broad and custom reporting capabilities for printing and exporting. You can export to PDF, TXT, HTML or CSV format.

JProbe Memory Debugger quickly pinpoints memory leaks and object cycling in Java code with real-time views of memory and object use. You can track memory growth at runtime with easy-to-use, two-button analysis. The Memory Instance Calculator calculates the size of memory leaks, and the Leak Doctor pinpoints possible sources of memory leaks. You can also trace memory use and object references, perform garbage collection analysis and, as with Profiler, use Snapshot Differencing to reveal the impact of code changes on memory use.

We advise you look at JProbe Java Profiler which lets you:

  • Automate the collection of performance information to occur at off-peak hours and generate performance blueprints that show the change in performance or memory usage over time.
  • Find and fix memory leaks and performance bottlenecks quickly and easily with JProbe memory features .
  • Create customized reports to share data with other developers, managers or consultants.
  • JProbe performance features allow you to identify the lines of code that have the greatest effect on performance.
  • JProbe performance features prevent bugs and bad performance earlier in the cycle to reduce ongoing hardware and development costs.
  • Release applications with the confidence that they have been tested thoroughly.
  • JProbe profiling features achieve higher levels of performance and end- user satisfaction.
  • JProbe performance features allow you to do all of this on 64-bit platforms , including AMD64 , EM64T and PA-RISC .


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