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Buy and Use a Mailing List - Headaches Forever...

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Buy and Use a Mailing List - Headaches Forever...

Robert Leggett
Copyright (c) October 2003

In May2003 issue of "CyberSpaceMarketeer!" I felt really great about buying and using a Mailing List from a very well-known, trustworthy InternetGuru.

In June2003 issue of "CyberSpaceMarketeer!" I told how the sh** really hit the fan after using this "trusted" resource.

Now...I want to tell you more about my decision to never again purchase and use a mailing list. And...no...I don't care WHO is hawking it.

I changed hosts. [Always back-up your website on your home system. Always download email to your home system. Makes it EZ to move to a new host if your current one has any problems whatsoever. They did not believe in or practice the American legal precedent one is "innocent until proven guilty." They accused me of spa mming. They immediately disconnected my service. No investigation. No hearing my side of it. Just "snip"!

Well...I got back up and running with a far superior hosting service...but their servers cannot handle much bulk emailing. We are working with them and will soon move one of our domains to another hosting service. We anticipate much growth in our email databases. The new hosting service is excellent in every way... Far superior to the service I was getting with the "trigger-happy" one. I searched totally outside the generally-accepted "recommendations" of the "InternetMarketingGuruClub." I thought independently and found what I considered my best option at the time.

OK...so much for not following the crowd and doing my own research and independent thinking...independent thinking is not that difficult...even for somebody like myself with only a "normal" IQ!

So.....what happened since being seduced into the gross error of buying and using a mailing list...from a "trusted" guru?

Well...within a week I got a piece of SP AM which said since I had bought a list, now they could put my name on another list. They would sell my name to other suckers who decide to purchase mailing lists from a "trusted" InternetGuru! About once or twice a week now, I get spam from someone who purchased a mailing list from the same list-pimp. If this ever gets totally out of hand...I will simply delete my mailbox after informing others I want to hear from that I have a new mailbox. When you own your own domain name and host it where you have total control, it is EZ to control this sh**!

OK..still not convinced from my personal experience? You have been guaranteed by some service provider you will never have any problems with spa m complaints? Did you know that these services are generally black-listed simply because they practice sending s pam. Your message will not reach its recipient. These are the semi-legit ones. The rogues are the ones who forge signatures and send out through such addresses as SkrU@y... Will recipients really take you seriously if you employ such means?

Yes...I am a "newbie" just like many of you subscribers. But...I do give credence to the olde saying, "SkrMe once, shame on you...ScrMe twice, shame on me!"

The only way to go - build a secure opt-in or double opt-in list. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this yet...but I'm researching hard. I must be 100% in control. So this caveat eliminates many possibilities offered by somewhat questionable "gurus" who may profit from my ingenuity and efforts. Am I paranoid? Yes! Will this conservative attitude get in my way to honest commerce? Absolutely not!

I-Marketing Test #1: Always question what the "gurus'" promote. What's in it for them...what's in it for me?

Robert Leggett has over ten years experience marketing Dive Adventures over the Internet. Robert works with individuals and business owners globally. He helps them grow their businesses and enrich their lifestyles. Learn more - ( http://www.EarnYourLiving.com ).
Subscribe to his "Free for Life" newsletter - "CyberSpaceMarketeer" - Receive your Free eBook.

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