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Java Newsletters Archive: 157

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=== [ The Java FAQ Daily Tips, weekly publication ] ===

Issue No: 157 April 1 2003
12242 subscriber(s)

"...if you have no mentors around in the initial stages."
"This book has saved me hours of research...""

Foreword: Excuse me for possible mistakes. English is not native language for me.

In this issue:
  • 1. Has anyone found a way to produce a MS Word file with Java?
  • 2. I was looking at java.util.Timer class and there is no possibility to cancel an individual task. I have to cancel whole Timer with all my scheduled tasks... What is solution?
  • 3. ASP vs. JSP?
  • 4. Latest posts on our message board
  • 5. Link to Java FAQ

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    Tip 1

    Question: Has anyone found a way to produce a MS Word file with Java?

    Answer: yes and it is free! Java bean word processing. It is an interface to control Microsoft® Word by java applications (includes German Version)

    Would you like to load Microsoft® Word, to create a new document and to serve bookmarks by your java application? There is a free java class for you here!

    Tip 2

    Question: I was looking at java.util.Timer class and there is no possibility to cancel an individual task. I have to cancel whole Timer with all my scheduled tasks... What is solution?

    Answer: The solution is in your question Smile you could develop a subclass of Timer that stores a list of all scheduled TimerTask instances. Then retrieve the instance that you want to cancel:

    TimerTask [] tasks = timer.getScheduledTasks();

    tip based on SUN's forum answer

    Tip 3

    Question: ASP vs. JSP?

    Answer: Comparing JSP with ASP

    Although the features offered by JSP may seem similar to that offered by Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP), they are fundamentally different technologies, as shown by the following table:

    JavaServer Pages Active Server Pages
    Web Server Support Most popular web servers including Apache, Netscape, and Microsoft IIS can be easily enabled with JSP. Native support only within Microsoft IIS or Personal Web Server. Support for select servers using third-party products.
    Platform Support Platform independent. Runs on all Java-enabled platforms. Is fully supported under Windows. Deployment on other platforms is cumbersome due to reliance on the Win32-based component model.
    Component Model Relies on reusable, cross-platform components like JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, and custom tag libraries. Uses the Win32-based COM component model.
    Scripting Can use the Java programming language or JavaScript. Supports VBScript and JScript for scripting.
    Security Works with the Java security model. Can work with the Windows NT security architecture.
    Database Access Uses JDBC for data access. Uses Active Data Objects for data access.
    Customizable Tags JSP is extensible with custom tag libraries. Cannot use custom tag libraries and is not extensible.

    Tip based on SUN's documnets

    Latest posts on our message board

    keep the size of a line even if the screen settings are change

    Hi, i have a weird things to do, and found nothing on google and others place...
    For example, i draw a line of 1 inch into my computer where my resolution is 96dpi and my screen area is 1024x768
    i need to made modification to this line to have a 1 inch line on every screen settings. example: my friend that are in 800x600 and have a dpi of 128 opn my program to see the line... i want him to see a 1 inch line too
    so i need to find a way to do that so when i have the screen size and the screen resolution that i could have on the screen a 1 inch (example) line for every settings...
    sorry for my english! can someone help me to find an idea...?
    thx a lot bumpert
    thread is here

    Check for Internet Connection

    Hi @all,

    In order to create a WildTangent-Intranet-Site, i want to check if my Server is connected to the WorldWideWeb or not via Java. The solution has to return only TRUE or FALSE! It must not open a window, cause an error or anything else that avoids a discrete check. It has to be just a stealth check.
    thread is here

    Swing and IE jvm


    I'm writing an applet in Swing, because it contains some nice controls (like JSpinner, JCombo, etc.). The only problem is that this does not seem to be compatible with the built-in JVM of Internet Explorer.

    There is of course a way to get IE download the "java plug-in", but this is not quite practical for me, as it downloads the whole JRE and installs it on the machine.
    Does anybody knwo of a way to compile a Swing applet so that it is compatible with the built-in JVM of IE (say as of IE5)?
    Thanks for your help! Eric.
    thread is here

    Problems with EventQueue and Modal Dialogs

    Hi, I have a problem as follows;

    What we did was to follow a Tech Tip, which can be found in this link;

    It automatically shows an hourglass cursor, when an event call does not return within a specified time (delay). It worked ok at the beginning BUT;

    The problem is, the code gets the system event queue like
    -- System.getDefaultEventQueue();
    and pushes another event queue instead of this one. The new queue is an instance of a WaitEventQueue class, which is very simple infact and does what I wrote above.
    After this new queue is pushed
    thread continues here

    Multiple Selection Drag n Drop w/ JTree

    Has anyone here implementing Multiple Selection Drag and Drop with JTrees? I know that there was a bug in JDK 1.3 that wouldn't allow it but I think that it would've been fixed in 1.4. So far I've implemented Single-Selection DnD but I don't know how to get Multiple Selection working.

    I know that the tree has to be set in either DISCONTIGUOUS_TREE_SELECTION or CONTIGUOUS_TREE_SELECTION, but I am unable to drag the nodes. How can I change my Single selection DragSourceListener and DropTargetListener so that it implements Multiple Selection?
    thread is here

    Changing file attributes

    Does anybody know how to change file attributes such as read and write in Java.
    thread is here

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