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Java Newsletters Archive: 181

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=== [ The Java FAQ Daily Tips, weekly publication ] ===

Issue No: 181 26 August 2003
14242 subscribers

Foreword: Excuse me for possible mistakes. English is not native language for me.

In this issue:
  • 1. I am going to start applications development for wireless devices. Could you guide me what I could use for that?
  • 2. Is it possible to use RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") together with JSP?
  • 3. Myc
  • 4. Latest posts on our message board
  • 5. Link to Java FAQ

  • Hello dear friends!

    Tip 1

    Question: I am going to start applications development for wireless devices. Could you guide me what I could use for that?

    Answer: The production release of the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 is now available. This version of the toolkit supports the MIDP 2.0 (JSR-118) specification as well as the Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120), and Mobile Media API (JSR-135) optional packages.

    The Java 2 Platform Micro Edition, (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit are sets of tools that provide application developers with the emulation environments, documentation and examples needed to develop Java technology applications targeted at CLDC/MIDP compliant mobile phones and entry level PDAs. Two products are available depending on your needs. Both tools are available at no charge to individual applications developers.

    For developing applications for MIDP 1.0 devices, use the J2ME Wireless Toolkit version 1.0.4_01.
    For developing applications for MIDP 2.0 devices, use the J2ME Wireless Toolkit version 2.0. The 2.0 version also includes built-in support for the Wireless Messaging and Mobile Media APIs.

    Below are some of the hot features in J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0. You can get more detailed information about the new toolkit by referring to the accompanying User's Guide and Release Notes.

    Support for MIDP 2.0
    Support for WMA
    Support for MMAPI
    Solaris and Linux versions
    Additional development features:
    Integrated Over The Air emulation
    Midlet Signing
    WMA Emulation features for SMS and CBS messages
    New skins for QWERTY and Media devices
    Certificate management
    Push Registry emulation
    Monitoring for all protocols (HTTP(S), Socket, datagram, Comm, SSL, SMS/CBS)
    Compile and Runtime selection of API extensions (WMA, MMAPI)
    New demo applications
    Support for the ProGuard obfuscator
    Note: The J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 still includes all of the advanced development features found in Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4_01 (Obfuscation support, method profiling, memory and network monitoring, device speed emulation).

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    Tip 2

    Question: Is it possible to use RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") together with JSP?

    Answer: Yes, SUN recently developed RSS Utilities package - a JSP Tag Library to be used by anybody with a basic understanding of RSS, JavaServer Pages, and HTML. The taglib is mostly geared towards non-technical editors of web sites that use RSS for aggregating news content.
    It contains a set of custom JSP tags which make up the RSS Utilities Tag library, and a flexible RSS Parser.

    Please read more here:

    Tip 3

    Question: I use an old Java Tool from SUN. Today I read that SUN started End Of Life Process for this Java tool.
    What does it mean? Does it mean that when the process will be finished my tool will stop to work? What is about customers?

    Answer: Everything is Ok! Life continues and the tool will work Smile
    During the EOL transition period, all announced products will be supported as per existing customer support agreements. After the EOL transition period, these products will no longer be supported by Sun. Products that have completed the EOL process will be moved to the Archive area here:

    Latest posts on our message board
    pop3 mails

    I'm working on a java program that receives pop3 e-mails with attachments. I'm having a problem with updating the message to a status of 'SEEN' - the flags just don't seem to be set. So everytime the program starts, the same message is read again and again.
    Has anyone any ideas??
    please help me here

    StrutsTile Problem with j2sdkee1.3.1 Deploytool

    i have a problem with my tiles plug-in in my struts-config file, when i have the tiles plug-in declaration in struts-config.xml i dont get any errors using verify with Deploytool and im able to deploy may webapps but when i try to run the web application i get a:

    HTTP Status 503 - Servlet action is currently unavailable

    The requested service (Servlet ActionServlet is currently unavailable) is not currently available.

    when i remove the tiles plug-in my ActionServlet works fine my only errors are my name calls to the tileDefinitions.xml.

    my plug-in is:
    thread continues here

    help me please

    I??want to add two jToolbars in a frame, the frame such as Microsoft Internet . but I can't know how to combine the border between MenuBar and ToolBar.anyone can help me?
    please help me here


    I'm studying Electronics Engineering in the University of Rosario (Argentina) and am a beginner Java programmer who needs detailed information and code examples about the use of the Java Communications API (my final project includes the use of the RS 232 interface to share information between two PCs).
    Sun Microsystems' documents on this topic are not tutorials, the books I can get in my country don't cover this sort of I/O and I can't afford to import a book from the USA ( since "1 dollar = 3 pesos" ).
    Would you please send me any information of yours or
    tell me where I could find it on the Internet?
    Jorge D'Agata
    please help me here

    Compositing(image and movie) in Java

    I would like to do some compositing in Java. Currently I'm using QuickTime for Java to do it. It is very easy. However I always get some runtime exception when I execute the program. So I want to switch to pure Java. I want to play a movie as the background, probably using JMF. Then do some animation with some images and text in front of the movie. Is this possible? Any advice or sample program?
    Thanks in advance.
    please help me here

    JTabbedPane and focus issue

    Maybe I'm just doing things a bit different than anyone else and I'm wrong. Here's the deal: I have a focus traversal policy for each frame in my app. When I used a personally-created subclass of JTabbedPane it was trying to set focus on a component on a non-visible tab. So I fixed that problem by not allowing focus to go to non-visible tab panels.

    Now I want, on a tab change, to set focus on the first focusable component of the new tab. But at the time I get a change event to hook this call the old tab is still visible and the second one isn't.
    thread continues here

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