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Do you know good design patterns for developing applications for wireless device

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Question: Do you know good design patterns for developing applications for wireless devices?

Answer: yes I found very descriptive list of a few design patterns in "Supporting Disconnected Operation in Wireless Enterprise Applications. A Java BluePrints for Wireless White Paper»:

"The Facade structural design pattern hides the complexity of the client-side data model implementation…

The Proxy design pattern can be used to abstract the logic that deals with accessing remote data, such as the client/server communication protocol, and any related optimization, such as caching...

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern separates the data model from the presentation (the view and the controller).This pattern isolates the GUI from the data access, which is done via the network from the server or locally from the device’s database...

The Adapter design pattern is particularly suited for abstracting the details of dealing with RMS and exposing a simplified, domain-oriented interface to its callers...

The Chain of Responsibilities design pattern is concerned with communication and responsibilities between objects in a control flow. This pattern decouples communicating objects so that you can implicitly send requests to an implicit receiver object through a chain of intermediate objects...

A Factory Method design pattern defines a generic interface that can be used to create an object. However, a class using this pattern defers to its subclasses the decision as to which particular class to instantiate...

A Session Facade design pattern provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a system or subsystem...

A Business Delegate design pattern is useful in distributed applications, where remote component look up and exception handling can be complex. A Business Delegate is an intermediate class that decouples application code from business components used by the application..."
I cited only a beginning of every pattern description. More detailed description can be found in the article here:

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