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JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 5.0

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Monday August 1, 8:00 am ET

New version fully supports JSP 2.0, expands J2EE, J2ME
support and more

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- JetBrains(TM), Inc.,
creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced
the release of IntelliJ IDEA 5.0, the newest version of the company's award
winning Java IDE (integrated development environment).

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 is a professional-grade tool for developers working in
situations where time is money and sustained productivity is a measure of
success. Staying always in close touch with those who use the IDE daily,
JetBrains carefully designed IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 to bring out the very best in
Java development amplifying and validating their community-oriented approach
with dedicated customer support for which the company is noted.

"Version 5.0 continues the JetBrains history of changing how developers
think about programming," said Eugene Belyaev, JetBrains president and CTO.
"Developers, like athletes, sometimes refer to being 'in the flow' or 'in
the zone,' where time recedes into the background and a person's abilities open
to their fullest. Tools that help developers reach this superstate are
invaluable because developer productivity skyrockets, as those who use IntelliJ
IDEA often attest."

New powerpacked and enhanced productivity-boosting features include but are
not limited to:

* Web and Enterprise development
-- Enhanced JSP support (covering JSP 2.0) with unparalleled level of
code understanding that IDEA users originally had for Java, including
refactorings and code inspections, import optimization, code
completion, validation, formatting, navigation, finding usages, etc.
-- HTML, CSS, JavaScript and property files support, with all smart
editing and error highlighting features, including code completion,
refactorings, navigation, inspections, finding usages and more
* More than 200 new code inspections including:
* Revolutionary detection of possible NullPointerExceptions and API
contract compliance verification based on Java 5.0 annotations that lets
validate the code right in the editor as one is coding
-- Internationalization tool with dedicated inspection
* Subversion and Perforce VCS integrations
-- Enhanced Codebase navigation and presentation including:
-- Favorites views
-- External stacktrace navigation with unscrambling support
-- Quick content lookup
-- Image files browser and thumbnails view
-- Backward and cyclic dependencies analysis for
-- New refactorings and important improvements to the existing ones
-- More flexible debugger, with dependent breakpoints and custom object
-- J2ME support
-- Import of JBuilder and Eclipse projects
-- Enhanced Open API for more flexible and complex extensions (with the
new Plugin module type, for easier running/debugging/deploying); it
is now possible to create language plugins, with the same level of
editor smartness that IDEA provides for Java

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 is priced at $499 per license and is available for purchase
on the JetBrains' web site at http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/.
For those who purchased IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 after May 1, the IntelliJ IDEA 5.0
upgrade is available free of charge via download from http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/

About JetBrains

JetBrains is a technology-leading software development firm specializing in
the creation of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software. The company is
widely known for its innovative, award-winning Java integrated development
environment, IntelliJ IDEA (see details on the Web at http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/),
ReSharper for C# developers (see http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/)
and Omea Pro for users of extensive digital information (see http://www.jetbrains.com/omea/).
JetBrains maintains its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, with its R&D
labs located in St. Petersburg, Russia and Boston, Massachusetts. For more
information, see http://www.jetbrains.com.

Source: JetBrains, Inc.

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