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Q: I have a complex expression inside a loop...

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Q: I have a complex expression inside a loop. For efficiency, I'd like the computation to be done only once. But for readability, I want it to stay inside the loop where it is used. What can I do?

Answer: Let's assume an example where match is a regular expression pattern match routine, and compile compiles a string into a finite state machine that can be used by match:

for(;Wink {
  String str = ...
  match(str, compile("a*b*c*"));

Since Java has no macros, and little control over time of execution, your choices are limited here. One possibility, although not very pretty, is to use an inner interface with a variable initializer:

for(;Wink {
  String str = ...
  interface P1 {FSA f = compile("a*b*c*);}
  match(str, P1.f);

The value for P1.f gets initialized on the first use of P1, and is not changed, since variables in interfaces are implicitly static final. If you don't like that, you can switch to a language that gives you better control. In Common Lisp, the character sequence #. means to evaluate the following expression at read (compile) time, not run time. So you could write:

  (match str #.(compile "a*b*c*"))

This tip is reprinted on JavaFAQ.nu by by courtesy of Peter Norvig I am thankful for his important contributions to my site - 21 Infrequently Answered Java Questions. Alexandre Patchine

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