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Contents of Swing Book - easy for reading, Click here!

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Contents of Swing Book - easy for reading, Click here!

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The Swing book


has something for all Java audiences, but is mainly intended for experienced and advanced GUI developers.

Each chapter begins with a discussion of relevant classes and interfaces, often interspersed with small example applications to demonstrate key features. The remainder is then devoted to extensive, real-world examples that are explained thoroughly and are often built on top of one another. These examples are the main thrust of this book and make up most of its content. 

Each Swing component is covered in depth with several accompanying examples. The authors have also identified five areas of Swing that deserve significantly more attention than others due to their size and complexity: the text package, the tree package, the table package, MDI environments, and pluggable look and feel. Thus, you will find the examples of this material particularly extensive. Additionaly, the authors have included chapters on five special topics: Java2D, Printing, Accessibility, JavaHelp, and CORBA -- all in terms of Swing.

Front Matter
Foreword by Kirk Brown, Sr. Engineer, Sun Microsystems

Part I. Introduction

1. Swing Overview

-> Chapter 1. Swing Overview. AWT, Swing 
Z-order, Platform independence, Swing package overview I 
Swing package overview - II 
MVC architecture: Model, View, Controller 
Custom view and controller, Custom models - I 
Custom models - II, UI delegates and PLAF 
Pluggable look-and-feel, Where are the UI delegates?

2. Swing Mechanics

Subpages: 1. JComponent properties, size, and positioning
2. Size and positioning
3 . Event handling and dispatching
4 . Multithreading
5 . Special cases, How do invokeLater() and invokeAndWait() work?
6. Timers, AppContext services
7. Inside Timers & the TimerQueue
8. JavaBeans architecture
9. A simple Swing-based JavaBean: BakedBean.java
10. Fonts, Colors
11. Graphics and text, code example: TestFrame.java
12. FontMetrics, example: TestFrame.java
13. Using the Graphics clipping area, Code: JCanvas.java
14. Graphics debugging, options
15. Using graphics debugging
16. Optimized drawing, Root validation, RepaintManager
17. Revalidation, Repainting, Painting
18. Focus Management, FocusManager, Keyboard input, KeyStrokes, and Actions
19. KeyStrokes, Actions, SwingUtilities

Part II. The Basics

UI Guidelines by David Anderson (www.UIDesign.net)

3. Frames, Panels and Borders
4. Layouts GridBagLayout coverage by James Tan
5. Labels and Buttons
6. Tabbed Panes
7. Scrolling Panes
8. Split Panes
9. Combo Boxes
10. List Boxes
11. Text Components and Undo
12. Menus, Toolbars and Actions
13. Progress Bars, Scroll Bars and Sliders
14. Dialogs

Part III. Advanced Topics

15. Layered Panes and Custom MDI
16. Desktops and Internal Frames
17. Trees
18. Tables
Inside Text Components Date and Time editor by David Karr
20. Constructing a Word Processor
21. Pluggable Look & Feel

Part IV. Special Topics

22. Printing
23. Java2D
24. Accessibility
25. JavaHelp
26. Swing and CORBA
27. Contributions

by Albert Ting and Ron Widitz

Appendix A. Sources of Information

Download Swing examplesswingdoc.zip: All chapters in Word '97 format (2.7 MB).
Download Swing examples All chapter examples (7.0 MB) can be found here

Second Edition Examples (under development) - based on JDK1.3
Download Swing examples2ndEdition.zip: Current set of all chapter examples for the 2nd edition (not complete yet) - 3.6MB

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Java Lessons

The Java Lesson 1:
What is Java?
The Java Lesson 2:
Anatomy of a simple Java program
The Java Lesson 3:
Identifiers and primitive data types
The Java Lesson 4:
Variables, constants, and literals
The Java Lesson 5:
Arithmetic operations, conversions, and casts
The Java Lesson 6:
Boolean expressions and operations
The Java Lesson 7:
Bitwise operations
The Java Lesson 8:
Flow control with if and else
The Java Lesson 9:
switch statements
The Java Lesson 10:
for, while, and do-while statements
The Java Lesson 11:
Using break and continue
The Java Lesson 12:
Class methods and how they are called
The Java Lesson 13:
Using the Math class
The Java Lesson 14:
Creating and calling custom class methods
The Java Lesson 15:
Overloading class methods
The Java Lesson 16:
An introduction to objects and object references
The Java Lesson 17:
The String class
The Java Lesson 18:
The StringBuffer class
The Java Lesson 19:
Initializing and processing arrays of primitives
The Java Lesson 20:
Initializing and processing arrays of objects
The Java Lesson 23:
Inheritance and overriding inherited methods
The Java Lesson 24:
abstract classes and polymorphism
The Java Lesson 25:
Interfaces, instanceof, and object conversion and casting
The Java Lesson 26:
Introduction to graphical programming and the java.awt packa
The Java Lesson 27:
The Component class
The Java Lesson 28:
Containers and simple layout managers
The Java Lesson 29:
The Color and Font classes
The Java Lesson 30:
Drawing geometric shapes
The Java Lesson 31:
Choice, List, and Checkbox controls
The Java Lesson 32:
Using the Scrollbar graphical control
The Java Lesson 33:
Menus and submenus
The Java Lesson 34:
An introduction to applets and the Applet class
The Java Lesson 35:
Essential HTML to launch an applet and pass it parameters
The Java Lesson 36:
Mouse event processing
Java Lesson 37:
Menus and submenus
Java Lesson 38:
The WindowListener interface and the WindowAdapter class
Java Lesson 39:
An introduction to GridBagLayout
Java Lesson 40:
An introduction to the Java Collections API
Java Lesson 41:
Exception handling with try, catch, and finally blocks
Java Lesson 42:
Claiming and throwing exceptions
Java Lesson 43:
Multithreading, the Thread class, and the Runnable interface
Java Lesson 44:
An introduction to I/O and the File and FileDialog classes
Java Lesson 45:
Low-level and high-level stream classes
Java Lesson 46:
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Java Lessons by
Joh Huhtala: Update

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