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v 1.5.1a
[b]AspectJ is: [/b]

a seamless aspect-oriented extension
to the Java tm programming language
Java platform compatible
easy to learn and use

[b]AspectJ enables: [/b]

clean modularization of crosscutting concerns, such as error
checking and handling, synchronization, context-sensitive behavior,
performance optimizations, monitoring and logging, debugging support,
and multi-object protocols
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 AspectWerkz 2
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v 2.0
AspectWerkz utilizes bytecode modification to weave your classes at project build-time, class load time or runtime. It hooks in using standardized JVM level APIs. It has a rich and highly orthogonal join point model. Aspects, advices and introductions are written in plain Java and your target classes can be regular POJOs. You have the possibility to add, remove and re-structure advice as well as swapping the implementation of your introductions at runtime. Your aspects can be defined using either Java 5 annotations, Java 1.3/1.4 custom doclets or a simple XML definition file.
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v 0.8 (Beta)
DynamicAspects enables you to do aspect-oriented programming in pure Java. Using the "instrumentation" and "agent" features introduced with Sun JDK 1.5, aspects can be installed and deinstalled during runtime.

NOTE: This project is no longer maintained!
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v 1.0
EAOP (Event-Based Aspect Oriented Programming) implements a model based on monitoring of execution events. It extends previous approaches by enabling the systematic treatment of relationships between execution
points, supporting operators for aspect composition, and allowing the application of aspects to other aspects.
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 JBoss Aspect Oriented Programming
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v 1.3.5
JBoss AOP is a 100% Pure Java aspected oriented framework usuable in any programming environment or tightly integrated with our application server. Aspects allow you to more easily modularize your code base when regular object oriented programming just doesn't fit the bill. It can provide a cleaner separation from application logic and system code. It provides a great way to expose integration points into your software. Combined with JDK 1.5 Annotations, it also is a great way to expand the Java language in a clean pluggable way rather than using annotations solely for code generation.
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