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Clover is a powerful and highly configurable code coverage analysis tool. It discovers sections of code that are not being adequately exercised by your unit tests.
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v 1.8
Cobertura is a free Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. It is based on jcoverage.
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v 2.0.53
EMMA is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. EMMA distinguishes itself from other tools by going after a unique feature combination: support for large-scale enterprise software development while keeping individual developer's work fast and iterative. Every developer on your team can now get code coverage for free and they can get it fast!
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v 1.0
Hansel is an extension to JUnit that adds code coverage testing to the testing framework
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Code coverage analysis (also called test coverage analysis) is an important step in software testing. As a white box testing strategy, it helps the testing team in determining if adequate testing has been done. Coverage analysis reveals areas of the code that have not been exercised during testing. JCover™ is a code coverage analyser for Java programs.
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jcoverage have a suite of tools and technologies designed to improve your coverage and testing productivity. The aim is to reduce the 'code - test - diagnose - fix' cycle. jcoverage enables software projects to save time, money and effort by allowing programmers to monitor progress, catch defects and improve quality.
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v 0.9
The Jenerator Version 0.9 is a code generator (Licensed under the Academic Free License version 1.1) and hosted on SourceForge , which takes meta information from different mediums, applies XSL templates and generates code. Unlike other code generators, which use JavaDoc custom tags to define and describe what is to be generated, Jenerator uses XML based Descriptor files. In some cases it even generates the Jenerator Descriptor file for you. For example in case of Entity Beans the Jenerator fetches the meta information from the Database and converts the meta information into a Jenerator Descriptor file, which the developer can customize or use it as it is with default configuration. In case of Session Beans, Pattern generation etc … the developer has to make the Jenerator descriptor file manually.
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v 2.1
Middlegen is a free general-purpose database-driven code generation engine based on JDBC, Velocity, Ant and XDoclet
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Borland® Optimizeit™ Enterprise Suite 2006 delivers a
breakthrough performance management solution for tackling
J2EE™ performance hazards throughout the development
lifecycle—from code-level issues to systemwide bottlenecks.
The suite combines Optimizeit Suite with Optimizeit
ServerTrace Developer Edition for a complete, integrated
solution that enables enterprises to deliver faster, scalable,
more reliable J2EE applications. Performance data is collected
and displayed in real time for easy identification of possible
issues, right down to the responsible line of source code. This
information helps developers quickly resolve issues before
they develop into problems, optimizing the performance and
quality of application development.
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 Rational PurifyPlus
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v 7.0
IBM® Rational® PurifyPlus™ is a runtime analysis solution designed to help developers write faster, more reliable code. Runtime analysis includes four basic functions: memory corruption detection, memory leak detection, application performance profiling, and code coverage analysis. Rational PurifyPlus packages support for all four of these functions in a single product with a common install and licensing system.
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 Source Cutter
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Source Cutter is an extensible, template based source code generator for VB.Net, C#, and Java. Source Cutter encourages the use of architecturally sound, object-oriented design principals for the generated source code. Using metadata obtained from any major database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.), Source Cutter can build fully functional Web or Windows based solutions in minutes.
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