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Category Ebooks
Submitted by
Author's Name Alexandre Patchine
Homepage JavaFAQ.nu
Version 500
Wed Mar 22, 2006 11:51 am


"This book covers most areas of Java programming. You are interested in Java and looking for good Java interview questions or you solve some Java design problems? You can not find the answer in Java FAQ? You have many books but it is impossible to find an

This book is my collection of numerous advices, tips I have collected on
numerous Java  forums, newsgroups
and my site. Here also many answers from my letters to people that asked me
questions by e-mail.
This book is a result of my daily work during last few
years. All answers can be found somewhere on Internet,
but it takes much time to find them. Having all of them in one place, in
the form of e-book, saves you
hundreds hours.
The answers are in form of advices, tips.  This book for "researcher" kind of
people, who can manage to overcome obstacles without asking always full receipt.
That's why this book, I think, will be very useful not only for beginners but
for advanced programmers as well.
Many questions in this book are not frequently asked
and furthermore, easily answered even
by Java Gurus.
They will show you that Java has many advantages that
are not so obvious during your first  study of it.
I bet that, if you even passed Java Certification Exam, you
can not answer most of them stright away! This kind of questions demands not
only understanding of JLS (Java Language Specification) but more broad knowledge
as well, often from another languages and computer platforms. Part of questions
are touching a few languages simultuoneously and do comparison of pros and cons.

Thus, they will give you more knowledge, better perspective
to programming and computer science especialy. In modern live we have to be
better prepared for fast changing world. Computer world changes even faster!
This is most dynamically developing area of human knowledge and get updated fast
- most difficult problem. I often feel that it is like ice cake riding . Small
delay and you are in a cold water!
As I mention above, this book is collection of tips that are given by many
people on different Internet forums. I had no possibility
to contact to all of them about right to include their advices
into this book. Since they were published on public forums and are redistributed
by many sites (that give access to newsgroups and their archives) I believe it
will not be a problem if I will collect some of them into one book.
I kept the names and signs under tips that often points to their sites. I think
it will be even beneficial for them to be included into
this book.
Anyway, if somebody of you recognize the tip as yours and do not agree to be
included into my book, please send me e-mail and I will exclude your tip from
this book.
The price for this book is a price of my job on collection and distribution this
book (unfortunately big traffic costs money today).
I will be glad to hear your comments and wishes on improving this book! As I
mentioned on main page of this e-book, English is not
native language for me and this book can (probably does) be in some extent
grammarless. Send me your correction of my mistakes!
Alexandre Patchine
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