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Category Code coverage
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Author's Name Razor Source, Inc.
Author's Email
Homepage www.razorsource.com/So...rview.aspx
Thu Jun 22, 2006 2:19 pm


Source Cutter is an extensible, template based source code generator for VB.Net, C#, and Java. Source Cutter encourages the use of architecturally sound, object-oriented design principals for the generated source code. Using metadata obtained from any major database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.), Source Cutter can build fully functional Web or Windows based solutions in minutes.

Extensibility The output of Source Cutter is fully functional source code. So any developer can directly modify or build upon the source code directly to make simple one time changes or enhancements.

Source Cutter also provides template based extensibility. By modifying our existing templates or creating your own templates you can alter the source code generated by Source Cutter. The mark up language used by the templates is very similar to ASP or JSP based scripting, and can be learned quickly by any developer with experience in either of the technologies.


Source Cutter provides several versions depending upon your specific development programming language and platform needs. Different combinations of feature sets are available for purchase. The following primary features are available in Source Cutter:

Supported Databases

  • Source Cutter works with all major databases (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Access, etc.)

Programming Languages

  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • Java


  • ASP.Net
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Windows Forms (.Net)

Generator Templates

  • Ability to modify Source Cutter templates or create your own templates (available in professional versions)
  • Custom Templates. Razor Source can create customized templates for your organization. The cost to create the templates will vary depending upon the complexity of the template, and whether or not Razor Source can resell your template to other clients. Contact us at sales@razorsource.com for pricing or additional information on custom templates.

General Technical Benefits

No matter what your skill level or experience, Source Cutter provides tremendous time savings on the development of projects. Source Cutter generates all necessary code from database interactivity in the data access layer to the layout and validation of data in the presentation layer via web pages using ASP.Net or JSP; or via Windows Forms using VB.Net, C# or Java.

Additionally for portions of functionality that do not require a user interface, Source Cutter can be used to create your data access layer by providing simple to use Object to Relational Mapping functionality.

Experienced .Net or J2EE Users
If you have significant experience using .Net or J2EE technologies, you can customize Source Cutter to output code that conforms to your own standards or coding preferences. Once configured, you can use Source Cutter to generate code that is exactly the same as if you had hand written every line of code. Using a proven technology then also reduce time spent on detailed code reviews and testing, because the code is correct the first time.

New to .Net or J2EE?
If you are just starting out in either .Net technologies or J2EE, Source Cutter is a great tool to get you started and familiar with either platform. Most people learn best by having working code samples they can review and analyze to find out how technologies really work. Source Cutter creates well-architected, fully functional code right out of the box. You can take the architectural designs and decisions made by Razor Source and use them exactly as is or use them as a starting point to develop your own standards and guidelines.

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