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Category Code Versioning
Submitted by
Author's Name CollabNet Inc.
Homepage subclipse.tigris.org/
Version 1.0.3
Sat Jun 24, 2006 1:42 pm


Subclipse is an Eclipse plugin that adds Subversion integration to the Eclipse IDE. Subclipse is licensed under the terms of the Common Public License (CPL) 1.0.

Our overview of Subclipse is below.

Subclipse exists to provide an outstanding user interface to Subversion from within the Eclipse IDE. We aim to provide a client that is every bit as robust and user-friendly as the CVS client that comes with Eclipse. That being said, there are a lot of major technical differences between Subversion and CVS. Therefore, we try to strike a balance between providing a UI that will be familiar to experienced Eclipse CVS users, and one that is appropriate for the Subversion action being exposed. In particular, the way that Subversion handles branches and tags is very, very different from CVS. Consequently the UI for these features in Subclipse is different than the UI for the CVS client.

Subclipse is an Eclipse plug-in that provides the functionality to interact with a Subversion server, and to manipulate a project on a Subversion server in the Eclipse environment. Eclipse comes with a CVS plug-in already installed, but Subclipse needs to be installed.

Subversion is a version control system, like CVS. However, Subversion fixes some of the flaws in CVS like "lack of versioning support for directory and file metadata, namespace problems, complexity in administration, etc." [Visual Guide]. Subversion is under development by the same people who created CVS. Subversion is used as a versioning control system to allow multiple users to develop on the system at one time. Programmers download the latest version of the code from subversion, make their changes to the code, and then upload the files back to Subversion. Subversion keeps track of the changes and then integrates the changes back into the main code base or lets the programmer know if other modifications where made between their last download and subsequent upload.

Adding Subclipse Plug-in to Eclipse

You can add the Subclipse plug-in to Eclipse by creating an update site in Eclipse and download and install Subclipse.

2.1 Create an update site for Subclipse

2.1.1 Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Select Search for new features to install. Click Next.

2.1.2 Click the New Remote Site button. Give the update site a name, like Subclipse, and type in the following address: http://subclipse.tigris.org/update/.
Click OK. A new update site will be added to the list.

2.1.3 Press the + next to your Subclipse update site. Eclipse will connect with the site and list all of the updates available. Select the most recent Subclipse update by checking the box next to the update. Click Next.

2.1.4 Check the Subversion feature that you want to install. Click Next.

2.1.5 Accept the terms of the licence agreement. Click Next.

2.1.6 Make sure that the Subversion feature is selected to install. Click Finish.

2.1.7 You will be asked to verify the feature that you wish to install. After you have, click Install.

2.1.8 You will now be asked to restart the workbench. Click Yes.

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