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Category Code generation
Submitted by
Homepage www.ucware.com
Version 1.x, 2.x
Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:05 am

If you are migrating from Windows to Java then JEXECreator will help you fill better during the adaptation time Smile

Most of people who are looking for "Java to exe" kind of applications are people who move from Windows world to Java. This, Java to exe kind of applications will help you to fill better first time. Which application to use? Use JEXECreator to create a native Windows exe binaries from your Java code.

JEXECreator helps you to create native 32-bit Windows executable launchers.

It makes easier the process of installation of Java based applications on both - server and client sides.

Who should use native EXE launchers for Java? If you need features listed below then you should consider to use it:

  • Launch Java applications with just one click;
  • Special integration with User Interface or command line applications, special services i windows.
  • include as many JAR as you want;
  • run Java applications without specifying classpath variables from any place;
  • use MIME association;
  • your Java applications looks like real Windows programs, including creating shortcuts, etc.
  • any icon can be used for your launcher;
  • I18n for all messages of exe file

Do I need still any JRE or JSDK?

Yes, you need it since JEXECreator does not contain any Java environment and will look around for some appropriate one i Windows system which you run. If it does not find it a message will be displayed about how you can solve the problem with missing Java (how to install it or if it is installed, how to configure system environment).

The JEXECreator usage saves you from writing and using any bat files.

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