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Category JDBC
Submitted by
Author's Name JNetDirect
Author's Email
Homepage www.jnetdirect.com/pro...sqlconnect
Version 5.5
Compatibility Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.2 or higher
Mon May 08, 2006 10:15 am


JSQLConnect is the fastest, most reliable way to access Microsoft SQL Server products from your Java, .JSP or J2EE applications. JSQLConnect is of native type 4 JDBC, providing comprehensive JDBC 3.0 and 2.0 support. Quickly access Microsoft SQL Server from Java applications, Servlets, EJBs, JSPs and applets. JSQLConnect is Sun certified J2EE 1.4 compliant.

JSQLConnect 5.5 supports the new XML features of the forthcoming JDBC 4.0 specification. In addition, XML content handling in JSQLConnect 5.5 is compatible with the new Streaming API for XML (StAX). StAX is a groundbreaking new Java API for parsing and writing XML easily and efficiently. StAX lets developers process XML in a stream oriented fashion without having to deal with the complexity of working with low level StAX streams. StAX also provides an alternative to using the resource-intensive DOM XML processing model.

JSQLConnect 5.5 allows developers to create SQLXML objects at the connection level that can store and retrieve XML content to columns within database tables. SQLXML objects can be directly stored to or retreived from the database using regular JDBC statements, prepared statements, result sets and callable procedures.

SQLXML types can generally be used in JDBC API's wherever traditional JDBC types are allowed. For example, SQLXML objects can be specified as parameters for prepared statements or as parameters for callable procedures. SQLXML objects can be set simply with XML string values or populated using the various stream methods of the StAX XMLStreamWriter API.

JSQLConnect 5.5 allows developers to read XML contents from columns in the database as SQLXML objects. XML may be returned as Strings or StAX XMLStreamReader streams.

The connecton level isValid() API is now supported. IsValid provides a realtime, programmable check of the underlying connection's validity by confirming that a small packet can successfully make a full round trip to the database. IsValid() can be used in a number of scenarios to determine connection viability. For example, it can be used to guarantee connection validation in a custom connection pool implementation.

Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ("Yukon") JSQLConnect 5.0 will provide JDBC 3.0 support for access to SQL Server 2005 including support for the important new XML data types that will be available in SQL Server 2005. JSQLConnect 5.0 will continue to support SQL Server specific functionality on the SQL Server 2005 platform such as trusted authentication, prepared statement handles, connection pooling and multiple cursor types.

Applications may now use the new connection-level clientInfo API to set custom properties on a connection. An example of a custom property is the application name. The application name property can be be used by system administrators to analyse database activity generated by a specific client or group of clients.

Part of JSQLConnect 's features:
  • Full JDBC 3.0 Implementation
  • SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5 Compliant
  • Solaris, Linux, Windows Compliant
  • JDK 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 Compliant
  • Optimized Native Protocol Performance
  • 64 Bit Support
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Full BLOB and CLOB Suppor
  • Support for all Popular Java IDE's
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Popularity 5/5: Very Popular
Downloads 297
Page Views 3112

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