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Category Java Code conversion to another language
Submitted by
Author's Name DevControl
Homepage www.devcontrol.com/2_1.php
Version -
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Sat May 13, 2006 9:23 pm


Translation Studio is an integrated collection of programs designed to simplify the task of migrating complex Visual Basic applications to equivalent high performing Java solutions. Further, the Translation Studio tool will produce a work plan and fixed price estimate to complete the project to 100% accuracy.

The programs that Translation Studio comprises of are briefly described below.

Project Analyzer

Project Analyzer is a program used to provide a high-level picture of the migration project and give an estimation of the migration effort. The tool efficiently collects core data critical for an accurate estimation directly from the source code of the Visual Basic application to be migrated.

We use the term ‘Precision’ to measure the accuracy and the extent to which the Visual Basic code is automatically converted to Java. Repeatable errors are counted only once, i.e., they are considered as one unique error. The resulting precision is a value expressed in percentage that defines the number of well-formed lines of code versus the unique errors.

Having calculated the achievable Precision, Translation Studio will then identify and count the unsupported application components i.e. those elements of the application that Translation Studio is unable to convert without manual intervention. Examples of such components and situations are usage of external binary libraries or usage of Win32-functions not available in a Java environment.

Using the precision together with the number of unsupported components and situations and multiplying them by known metrics for solving such situations inside your organization, an accurate migration time estimate is calculated. All this is done in a couple of seconds!

Application Analyzer

The Application Analyzer tool is used by the migration engineer for efficiently planning the complete migration project. The tool gives valuable detailed information directly from the source code to be migrated to enable planning in a risk-conscious fashion.

The tool scans the graphical-user interface and optionally the business logic of the Visual Basic application, detects and reports the exact location of the unsupported components in the source code. These components require special attention by the project team and hence they are important from a planning perspective.

The project architect inspects the listed lines of code and decides what actions are needed and when these actions are to be performed taking into account the technical risk of the solution. The higher the risk, the earlier in the project the problem must be tackled. A solution may for example include finding a matching Java component for a used Visual Basic component, or integration of the migrated system with your organization’s security platform.

VB2JAVA Compiler

The VB2Java Compiler from Devcontrol is a source-to-source compiler that translates Visual Basic 3 - 6 source code to equivalent Java source code. The resulting Java system is either architected as a stand-alone swing-based desktop application or as a web-enabled Java Server Faces system with a set of reusable Enterprise Java Beans components.
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